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Rowbi FX Custom – Chris George Drive

June 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Rowbi FX Custom Chris George Drive Pedal

Being a world renowned guitar gear demonstrator, and being crowned Guitarist Magazine’s ‘Young Guitarist Of The Year 1997′ when he was 16. – Chris George is well versed in all things guitar.

I approached Chris and offered to make him his very own OD pedal from the Rowbi FX Custom Shop, something I’ve never done before. Rowbi FX is a hobby for me and all previous pedals I’ve built ( see some of them here ) are owned by yours truly. With that in mind I consider this a one off thing for a good friend – and so won’t be making any more Chris George Drive pedals.  This is a one off :-)

Chris essentially wanted a clean boost with a bit more oomph and a way to boost treble too – but was happy for me to put my own spin on it.  So I took those requirements baked it at gas mark 7 for a few weeks (while it was built and tested) and viola – the Rowbi FX Custom Shop Chris George Drive was born.

Chris has given the pedal a good work out, and had this to say: “The pedal sounded amazing on my recent tour! Although it’s not a gain monster, there is plenty to add some sparkle, particularly on vintage amps. Thanks again for it, I’ll definitely have it as my go to OD pedal from now on.”

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Rowbi Mini Review

June 18, 2014 Leave a comment

#MiniReview @Line6 POD HDProX. Great tones, more power, great connectivity. Need a fully featured rack amp sim and fx? Try the HDProX.

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Rowbi Mini Review

April 11, 2014 Leave a comment

@oilcitypickups ScrapyardDog+ #MiniReview #FB well/quickly made. Great vintage tone with more balls. Would recommend. 9.5OutOf10

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Rowbi Mini Review

April 8, 2014 Leave a comment

@ZakkWyldeBLS Catacombs of the black Vatican #MiniReview #FB After 1st listen, there were no filler tracks. Defo a future fav album! Get it.

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Rowbi Mini Review

April 6, 2014 Leave a comment

@Flightplan_UK debut songs #MiniReview
Subtle prog influence inc sum monster drums. Epic acoustic gtr and some intense gain parts. #9OutOf10

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Rowbi Mini Review

April 5, 2014 Leave a comment

@BKPickups #BlackDog #MiniReview #FB Vintage voice & hotted up. Good definition even in DropB tuning. Well built quickly shipped. 10 OutOf10

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Steel Panther Gig Review

March 29, 2014 Leave a comment

Purely from a teenage lad sense of humour point of view, I was really looking forward to seeing Steel Panther. Crude lyrics mixed with hair metal is what I expected and that’s exactly what I got.

Highlights were the band playing (Fuck all night) Party All Day, Asian Hooker, and Gold Digging Whore. The last of those also included all the slutty ladies from the front row being invited on stage to play the floozy. It was all quite amusing except for the fat lady who decided to start twerking with her see through clothes! Not cool.

Essentially though, if you like some comedy hair metal and you’re not easily offended – Go to a Steel Panther gig.

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Line 6 AMPLIFi Detailed Review

March 29, 2014 1 comment



As a father to a cheeky but adorable 2 year old girl, I often find myself with a little time to spare late in the evening to pretend that I’m the next Joe Satriani or Angus Young.  With the aforementioned dozer being fast asleep at such hours of the evening, it would be ideal if I had a whiz bang tool that allowed me to very quickly plug in and jam along to some Satch or AC/DC in my living room, or with the possibility to use headphones if I wanted to play loud without anyone else hearing it. The same features would also make such a product ideal for any bedroom rock star or a student who cant make too much noise in their dorm room.
I suppose it would also make sense that such a tool has super flexible features like streaming music from any Bluetooth device (phones/tablets/PCs/MACs) and is loud enough to rehearse and gig.
What about making it look especially cool and edgy with a funky updated vintage vibe going on so that it looks as good in a living room as well as on stage. Then lastly give it a price point that is affordable for even the smallest budget.

Well prepare yourself….. As those clever boffins at Line 6 have only gone and delivered an innovative and feature rich amp that fits all those requirements and more to boot! Its called the AMPLIFi, and is apparently such a new take on the humble guitar amp, Line 6’s marketing material suggested that the AMPLIFi is ‘The guitar amp, reinvented’. That is perhaps an overstretch, and I would have gone for ‘The guitar amp, evolved’.
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Rowbi’s Feature Demo – Line 6 AMPLIFi with FBV Shortboard MKII

March 2, 2014 Leave a comment

Here’s a short feature demo I recorded to show the features of using an AMPLIFi and an FBV Shortboard MKIi together.

There is also an article on the line 6 forum which I contributed to which has some further explanation of the features available when using an FBV Shortboard MKII with an AMPLIFi:

Orange Drop Caps and Tone Capacitor Myths

February 7, 2014 Comments off


Why is is that Orange Drop caps are so highly respected for guitar tone caps and coupling caps in tube amps?

What about other tone cap myths that are often referred to?

Take a look at gibson’s recent blog on both topics for some great information:


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