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NAMM 2013: Marshall Slash SL-5C First Photos + Specs

January 24, 2013 Comments off


SL-5 2Marshal SL-5C 2Marshal SL-5C 1

Marshall Amplification is pleased to announce the launch of the new SL-5C Slash Signature Amplifier.

The SL-5C is an all valve 5 watt amplifier incorporating various features, but above all else that distinctive Slash tone.

Working closely with Slash after the success of the AFD100, it was deemed appropriate to make a more accessible amplifier that is ideal for home or studio use. The SL-5C has two channels; Clean and Overdrive. A single volume control for the clean takes you from authentic Slash clean to Marshall crunch. The Overdrive channel, consisting of volume and gain, nails the AFD style tone and more. Both of the channels have obviously been approved by Slash himself. A master EQ section of Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence is included, as well as high quality custom voiced digital reverb. On top of providing 5 Watts of valve power, the SL-5C can also be switched to just 1 Watt at any time giving you perfect Slash tone at bedroom volume. The amp also has high and low sensitivity inputs.

At the heart of the amp are three ECC83 preamp valves and a single EL34 valve for its power stage. Slash’s favourite Celestion ‘Vintage 30’ 12” speaker brings the amplifier to life.

Power: 5 watts or 1 watt
Type: Combo
Channels: 2 Custom Voiced footswitchable Channels – Clean & Overdrive (footswitch included)
Controls: Green/Red Channel Status LED’s, Full EQ section, Presence Control, Digital Reverb (footswitchable), High/Low Sensitivity Inputs
Power Tubes: 1 x EL34
Preamp Tubes: 3 – ECC83
Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker
Power Output: Dual Output – 5 watts or 1 watt
Speaker Outputs: 8 & 16 ohm
Front panel includes Slash signature
Notes: Expected to ship May 1st 2013

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Confirmed: Marshall Slash SL-5 (aka AFD5 combo) will be released at Winter NAMM 2013

January 22, 2013 Comments off


News just in!  Slash (@Slash) tweeted the following on 21st Jan 2013:

“I won’t be able to attend myself, but the new Marshall AFD 5w Combo will be making its debut appearance at NAMM this weekend. iiii]; )'”

Shortly followed up by none other than Paul Marshall (@PaulM1962)

@Slash absolutely true, the all new @MarshallAmpsUK AFD 5W combo can be seen @NAMM on the Marshall stand, super cool combo”

Note: The photo above IS NOT the AFD5 (also called the SL-5).  The photo above is of a custom 5 watt combo that Marshall made for Slash a while back, but is not the same amp as the AFD5/SL-5

Marshall 50th Anniversary Purple Hendrix Stack

January 19, 2013 1 comment

Rumour just in: A sighting of what seems to be a purple Marshall Plexi stack with 50th anniversary stickers on it.

I have 3 possible guesses:
1. It’s just the current reissue of a 1959SLP, but it’s had the Marshall custom shop treatment for the purple tolex, etc. (Explains the 50th anniversary stickers).
2. It’s an original 1994 Hendrix ltd edition stack And either is in perfect condition, or it’s been recovered (this doesn’t explain the new 50th stickers).
3. It’s actually a new golden jubilee amp that’s not released yet (but might be at NAMM in a few days).

I will let you decide for yourselves what it is :-)

Update 21st Jan: This is confirmed to be the only purple one, made by the Marshall custom shop specifically for Supatone Music in Norwich, England. Still no more details, but at least we know its a one off in this colour!

Satch JVM – Musikmesse 2012

March 15, 2012 Comments off

It’s almost official!  The Satch JVM will be released at Musikmesse 2012, Which starts in less than one week.  Marshall will also be showing off their 1 watt Anniversary amps, and a few other surprises.  All of which I’m sure Chris George will be doing a fine job of demonstrating just like the AFD100 and YJM100 I saw him demo at Messe last year (See the photo below).

For more info just follow Marshall Amps UK on Twitter (which is the source for this information):!/MarshallAmpsUK

Marshall Satch JVM Signature – Possible Sighting

March 3, 2012 Comments off

Here are some photos from Chickenfoot on The Tonight show, 1st March 2012. You can clearly see in the photos here that one of those JVM heads doesn’t look like the other standard black JVMs. The details I can see are a smaller Marshall logo, tolex front panel (and not the modern Marshall black grille cloth), gold piping, blue tolex, a vintage handle (rather than the all black modern ones) and an extra button between the OD1 and OD2 controls.

Pictures taken from:!/media/set/?set=a.10150592879297308.380652.44512487307&type=3

There’s also more information about the blue tolex and extra button in a recent interview here:

Marshall 50th Anniversary Stack – Custom Shop

February 29, 2012 Comments off

If only this were the real Golden Jubilee… I’d certainly be happy with a JCM800 as the Golden Jubilee (perhaps with a few extras like an additional gain stage that’s switchable with a pedal, power scaling and 50 watt switchable, and of course gold tolex)…

Just to be clear though, we have no official word from Marshall about whether there will be a Golden Jubilee (although all the hints suggest their will be), and the photo above is a production model JCM800 2203X reissue, with a custom shop option of an image printed on the grilles of both cabs and the head, specially for Marshall’s 50th anniversary year.

For more info on custom shop options, visit the Marshall Custom Shop

Satch JVM Released – Unofficially

February 21, 2012 Comments off

That’s right Satch Fans!

If you want to pre-order a JVM410JS Satch Signature, the black head (looks like a JVM410H but with gold piping) is available for pre-order for £1399 and a limited (to 500 units) blue head and blue 1960A package are available for £2199 (and a 1960B blue cab are available as a seperate order). The blue head will not be available seperately from the blue 1960A cab. The shame is that you can’t just buy the blue 1960B with the blue limited edition head, as Satch has stated many times that he uses a 1960B cab… Oh well, best you limited edition hunters buy the package and a seperate 1960B-Blue too!

Info isn’t being released by retailers, as I assume Marshall want to do an official release at Musikmesse in a month, and rightly so. But there is a photo in circulation to dealers, showing a medium resolution picture of at least the black production model (with the gold piping). That’s under tight wraps though, and only dealers are able to see it… For now.

Delivery is in May 2012 for those lucky enough to get an order in quickly, and here is the info I have:

Marshall Amplifications are pleased to announce the JVM410H Joe Satriani Edition. This new addition is not only the latest in the Signature Series range, but also an addition to the award winning flagship, the JVM. This collaboration between Marshall and one of the world’s most respected guitarists take the well known front panel features of the JVM410H and overhauls the tone to a completely new level.
Joe Satriani has long been associated with Marshall, in earlier days often citing the 30th Anniversary model, the 6100 as his amp of choice. After Satch’s departure to experiment with other brands, he found his love again for Marshall as he was recording the self titled debut album from Chickenfoot in 2009. Joe initially opted for stock JVM210H units, and after discussions it was deemed appropriate to add Satriani to Marshall’s Signature Series list.
At a first glance, the JVM410JS may look familiar. Taking a more detailed look (and listen) though, will make you realise just how different this amp is from its stock counterpart. So, how is the JVM410JS different from the JVM410H?
Firstly, and probably most notably is the fact that the four reverb pots from the original JVM410 have now been replaced with noise gates; four noise gates no less, one for each channel and each with their own threshold. Another visible change to the front panel is the addition of a “Mid Shift” button that can be used for both OD1 and OD2 channels, shifting the mid character of the sound to that of Joe’s specification.
Tone wise, the amplifier is very different. The Clean channel is based on the aforementioned 6100 when on the green mode, with the orange and red modes being hotter variations of that tone too. The crunch channel takes the original JVM410 crunch and adds some of the popular Marshall “AFD” circuit to it, and the OD channels are now transition between modes. The mid shift button determines the difference in mid character between the original JVM410 OD1 and OD2 tone, moving the mids from around 650khz (Mid Shift off) to around 500khz (Mid Shift on).
The rest of the JVM410JS plays out in familiar territory; the amp is still powered by EL34 valves, there are two master volumes, the supplied footswitch enables you to switch between channels, modes, 2nd master, FX loop and now also the Noise Gates and Mid Shift too. There’s also full MIDI implementation to the unit.

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