Ibanez Pickup Wiring Diagrams

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Are you one of the many Ibanez RG320 RG350 or RG370 owners with the stock Dimarzio or EMG designed pickups, or even the INF1 INF2 INF3 or INF4 pickups? Or any other Ibanez guiter for that matter, and you want to rewire or replace your pickups, well click here for the Ibanez wiring diagram site or for more general pickup wiring diagrams, click here for the Seymour Duncan Wiring site


2 thoughts on “Ibanez Pickup Wiring Diagrams

  1. I have an RG350EX With INF3 and a INF4 With one tone and one volume control. With the standard 5 way swotch. The pickups have a red, a white and a black wire. Need Diagram to wire with coil tap or just standard to get it to work. I have it wired now but can’t get both Pickups to work together. Thanks Mike

    • Well the article you’ve commented on is a link to Ibanez’s wiring diagrams site… so visit it and take a look. it’s a matter of taking the time to look through the last few years and you’ll find lots of RG 3xx series guitars in 2004. like the RG350DX. the diagram should be correct for your guitar.

      if you want to coil tap you will need to fit a push pull or a super 5 way switch. I’m not sure you can keep all the pickups and do coil tapping with the original switch. the info is all out there, just look for it. also check out seymour duncans site they have a lot of pickup wiring schematics that are generic!

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