Line 6 Spider Valve MKII Coming Soon

Here’s the info I got from The info has been deleted since (probably because they shouldn’t have posted it on their site at all).

Spider Valve MKII

Coming In September – Preorder Yours Today!



  • Tube Power Section Designed by Reinhold Bogner – Benefit: All of the warmthand punch of a great tube amp from one of the top names in boutique tube amplifier design.
  • 16 Revamped  Models from POD®X3 – Benefit: Better sounding and better feeling amp models are optimized for the Bogner tube section.  Truly the best of both worlds!
  • Complete Control of 20 Premium FX – Benefit: Enjoy deep editing of POD X3 quality FX, with the ability to edit up to 6 FX parameters.  Route any effect Pre or Post for unmatched flexibility.  Use up to 4 FX at a time.
  • More User Presets and Improved Preset Navigation – Benefit: Over 128 User Presets for storing custom settings.  Bigger LCD display, and improved menu navigation.
  • On-Board Looper and Other Premium FX – Benefit: Improvise over loops, explore new timbres with the intelligent harmonizer, pitch shifter, and auto-wah.  Get even greater control with FBV.
  • Seamless FBV Integration – Benefit: The FBV Shortboardis essential for controlling Spider Valve on Stage.  The FBV Express adds additional FX like Volume/Wah.
  • Upgradeable Amp Platform via FBV Mk II – Benefit: FBV Mk II Foot Controllers feature USB connections and open possibility for future firmware upgrades.
  • 128 User Presets – Benefit: Gigging with the rock cover band, the jazz trio and the metal project?  SV Mk II has you covered with 100+ User Programmable Presets.
  • Performance Mode or Studio Direct Mode – Benefit: In Performance mode, the XLR direct out is tapped off the transformer, capturing tube interaction (Master Volume will affect Direct Out).  Studio Direct mode eliminates the tube interaction
  • MIDI Compatibility – Benefit: MIDI In/Out jacks allow for integration with traditional channel switching systems.