Line 6 Release M9 and New M13 Firmware

M13 vs M9

I am currently upgrading my M13 to the all new v2.0 firmware, which promices to have lots more FX, including loads of wah’s some cool phasers, pitch shifting and harmony effects, not to mention some parametric EQ’s that will be cool to use.

Line 6 have also released their mini version… The M9. Basically Line 6 is punting them to 2 different markets. Use the M13 as a pedalboard, or the M9 as part of your pedalboard. Obviously this doesn’t quite fit for everyones needs, so I use the M13 as part of my pedalboard, as it has a built in FX loop, which I think is really important with a device that can give you gain stomp FX and mod/delay/verb effects, as a lot of users like to use the 4 cable method. Anyway, that’s me… decide for yourself by clicking the picture above, which will take you to the M13 vs M9 comparison on Line 6’s website.