M13?? M9?? What Do The Names Mean?


So are you wondering where Rich Renken of Line 6 got the names for the M13 and M9 from? Well here’s the beef:

“So I thought M12. zzzzzzzzzz M13 sounded way tougher so my thought was 12 effects but now, unlike the DL4, you have a dedicated looper.” (Rich Renken, Line 6)
The M13 has 12 effects banks/scenes + the looper…, so that’s 12 + The looper.

“So yes, I wanted to call the M9, M7. 6 effects plus a dedicated looper. Well, the M7 name was already taken and we didn’t want people to be confused. So M9 is just M9” (Rich Renken, Line 6)