My New Plexi Clone

I’ve used the Plexi SE schematic from HERE and you can also buy a PCB from that site . the Schematic that’s freely available from that site is accurate, but obviously there are a couple of components different if you’re not in the US and using 115V.

It really does sound like a Plexi (I tested with a Vintage30 and a reissue Greenback speaker), and I have used the cascade schematic, and with vol I at around 5 and vol II at less than 2 ti’s great at bedroom volume levels, and it’s got lots more gain available from vol I or from a stomp box if you have one.


2 thoughts on “My New Plexi Clone

  1. I’m going to build one of these too,
    wich components are different from usa version?


    • Hi,

      The link int he article wasn’t working and I’ve fixed that now. So please check out the info at that link, as it includes build information, and it will be obvious what parts are US specific, e.g. the amp indicator bulb, as that runs from mains, and should be 240v for the UK for example.

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