JamHub Silent Rehearsal

Back in the 80’s I got my first guitar, then in the 90’s I progressed from acoustic to electric, and I eventually owned my first Marshall Stack.

In the 00’s (Noughties) I progressed to using amp silulators a lot, like PODs and other software amp simulators for easier recording. Now we’re in the 10’s (or Teenies) I’ve gone back to using a tube amp with FX simulators like the LIne 6 M13, but I still rely on software or amp simulators for my home jamming tone.

So here I am with the ability to jam at home with headphones, but at a full band rehearsal, that’s not possible. We have to go over to a practice room and pay some cash to rent it. Not any more!

The smart chaps at SVC London have come up with the perfect way to jam anywhere, with their new JamHub. Everyone hooks up their gear (like your POD, or alternative amp/FX simulator or V-Drums) and then you can all jam in total slience, which makes for a great way to rehearse at anyones house. Check it out Here.