Line 6 / James Tyler Variax (aka Variax II) Announced

Being announced at Musikmesse 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany today is a pertnership betweenn Line 6 (The pioneers in guitar, amp and effects modelling) and James Tyler Guitars (the maker of premuim custom guitars). This partnership will be to produce the next generation of variax modelling guitars. Click the 2 photos above for a larger version, where you can see some of the fetures.

What can we work out from those pictures:
1. There is a bridge humbucker
2. There is a middle and neck singlecoil
3. There seems to be a non fixed bridge (i.e. a trem/vibrato)
4. Looks to be a standard Variax and 1/4″ standard guitar output.
5. Looks to be at least 5 finishes in the strat with pickguard style guitar. bright red, blue, white, sunburst and natural.
6. Looks to be a total of 3 styles. The strat style, what looks like a metal style (a little like an Ibanez RG), and a sort of Les Paul style. Both the metal and LP style have twin humbuckers.
7. a rotary switch next to the vol and tone, to change model, but there’s another blank rotary up near the neck pickup on the strat model, and it’s a 4th normal style knob on the other 2 models. not sure what that does. perhaps that’s the pickup selection and whether you will have magnetic pups or variax.
8. Headstock sort of a cross between a James Tyler guitar, and an Ibanez. Very unique and cool.

Check out the following links for more info:
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Tyler Variax Website
Tyler Variax Twitter
Line 6 Press Release on Vettaville
Close up photos of all models, a video and lots of specs

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2 thoughts on “Line 6 / James Tyler Variax (aka Variax II) Announced

  1. I know a lot of people have been looking forward to seeing the Variax updated. Now we will have to wonder if we can afford it.

    • well I think for most people, the US version will be too expensive to export. I know US strats are a reasonable price in the US but are often £1000 in the UK which is a lot for a guitar in my opinion.

      but an $1100 axe will likely sell for $900 after a few weeks (once they’re easy to get in stock) and after 6 months that will drop a little more to a little more than an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, which is around £500-£600 in the UK.

      Yes that sounds like a lot, but the idea of the Variax is that you only need one guitar, so you have to see it more like buying several guitars all together then it is cost effective, and I will defo buy one if it’s under £750, if it’s more than that then I’ll have to think about it.

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