James Tyler Variax First Specs Released

Line 6, who previously collaborated with Reinhold Bogner to create the Line 6 Spider Valve amps, and also the Bogner Alchemist amps, are coming ever closer to the release of the much anticipated Variax II, or James Tyler Variax.

This collaboration sees Line 6 join with one of the worlds top custom guitar makers: James Tyler

Here we detail some of the released specs that will be included in the JTV guitars:

1. The Lithium-ion battery delivers 12 hours of continuous play time.

2. Improved piezos and bridge offer pure polyphonic tone transference while addressing various requests from users of first-gen Variax.

3. The new Dual Core processor allowed our crack engineering team to improve on key areas of our modeling technology. This provides richer and more authentic-sounding models than ever before.

4. We added an Alt Tune knob that instantly provides up to 10 different tunings including Drop D, DADGAD, Open G, and Baritone.

5. Virtual Capo can get you to any tuning that you can think up – instantly and on the fly. You can save your new creations in any of the 10 spots on the Alt Tune knob.

6. Variax Workbench is now included with each and every guitar. All it takes is your imagination and one USB slot to bring new guitar sounds to life.

7. Blending mags and models. Got a POD® X3? Use its powerful dual tone modeling and routing options to process the magnetic pickups and a guitar model through two different amp and effects chains simultaneously.

8. Backlighting on the Model and Alt Tune knobs gives easy identification on dark stages. (Pressing the Model knob switches between models and magnetic pickups.)

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