Epiphone Les Paul Slash Appetite For Destruction Limited Edition

Just imagine a a world, in the shape of a top hat (not a disc), riding on the top of a pit of 4 snakes (not 4 elephants) all on the back of a turtle (we had to keep the turtle). Welcome to Slashworld (Not discworld).

It seems everyone has gone crazy for Slash at the moment, with the hype surrounding his new solo album, and the signature guitar models flowing thick and fast (the goldtop and the tobacco sunburst models a couple of years ago) with the Appetite For Destruction Gibson already released, and an Epiphone on the way. Here are some specs that I’ve discovered.

AAA Maple top, hand selected mahogany body, Seymour Duncan Slash Alnico Pro II zebra pickups, slash hard case, personally signed certificate (signed by Slash), some Slash plectrums, etc. Limited run of 2000.