IK Multemedia iRig RELEASED!

There’s enough info around (on this blog and around the web) so I won’t repeat it all, but: If you want guitar FX on your iPhone or iPod, go buy an iRig! Mine arrived today, and it looks cool!


2 thoughts on “IK Multemedia iRig RELEASED!

  1. I think it is quite easy to build this thing by yourself.
    Just take the original headphone with mic incorporated, cut the cable, put a mono jack female at the place of the mic, a mini jack to replace the poor original headphone, and you are done.

    • A good idea…

      While that’s true, if you actually want to use your iphone/iPod headphones, you’d need to buy another set, which is £30 for the current model of phones that ship with iphones. add to that a few £££ for your 2 jack sockets, + the really tiny thin wires that are inside the iphone headphone cable… I’d still opt for the iRig as it’s cheaper and will be more robust than your idea…

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