Ibanez and Dimarzio Breed or Evolution Wiring

When I started out with playing guitar, I quickly realised that if you wanted great guitar tone, then stock pickups on anything but top model guitars were a weak link. I also struggled to find much information on specific pickups, and therefore deciding what pickups I should buy for my guitar was a hard choice.

Now I know a little more, and having advised friends on their choice of pickup, I thought I’d put that info out for others to find.

A few years ago I fitted a DiMarzio Breed Bridge pickup to an Ibanez RG370 with a basswood body and bolt on neck with a rosewood fingerboard.  I’ve also had the same setup for another RG with a DiMarzio Evolution bridge pickup.

This was a simple fitting of a pickup, but I decided I wanted some different pickup switching options and so I used an Ibanez 3PS1SC5 twin humbucker pickup selector switch but wires in reverse.  This is done to give some more options for pickup selections, like parallel coils form the Breed bridge, to sound more like a single coil guitar (check the diagram below)😀😀. There’s also a 330pF ceramic tone (treble bleed) cap fitted, as my own personal favourite. The new pickup selector switch can’t switch in the single coil middle pickup, so I’ve fitted a push/pull volume pot for some extra options. When the push/pull is pulled the output from the pickup selector (either of the humbuckers) is connected to the jack socket without any volume control, but the middle pickup can be dialed in with the volume pot. This means that with the pickup selector in position 2 or 4, and with the push/pull pot pulled out, you’ve got 3 single coil pickups active at once, which can sound very versatile and unique for an Ibanez RG.  It’s very Super-Strat-esque.