Marshall DSL Dual Footswitch With LEDs – Channel & Reverb

If you own a Marshall JCM2000 DSL50/100 (or 1923/1923C), then you will have received a single footswitch with LED that you can use for channel or reverb… So why doesn’t Marshall provide a dual footswitch?.. Keep reading to find out more.

The manual states that if you want to switch both, you should buy another switch the same (a PEDL-10001), but a pair of separate pedals sucks as even the DSL401 comes with a dual switch with LEDs, although that pedal isn’t compatible with the DSL50/100 or 1923/1923C.

So if you’re like me, you really want a dual footswitch with channel and reverb labelled next to the switches, and with LEDs so you know what’s on or off… Well Marshall doesn’t make one! Yep you heard me, they don’t make one.

Fear not though, as this guide looks at an alternative which uses a real Marshall pedal, and shows you how to add LEDs and the correct connector plugs.

Download the guide by clicking HERE


4 thoughts on “Marshall DSL Dual Footswitch With LEDs – Channel & Reverb

  1. Hey there,

    Great guide! been wondering if i could build one of these myself, and the schematics were just what i needed.


    • yeah I couldn’t find much other info about it. Thanks for your comments though, I’m glad someone else got something out of it.

    • By the way got parts from radio shack in the US, used the 5mm blue 300mcd leds and holders.

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