Line 6 Toneport/POD Studio UX2 + Footswitches + POD Farm 2

If you have a Line 6 Toneport or POD Studio UX2, KB37 or UX8, then you may have wondered what the footswitch inputs are for…. There’s not a lot of info about these on Line 6’s website but using footswitches are really simple to setup.

Click HERE to checkout my quick instructional video on how to use footswitches with POD Farm 2 and your Toneport/POD Studio.

Note: any non-latching (momentary) footswitch should work for this. The Boss ones (FS-5U or FS-6) are very expensive, so alternatives are available, or you could make your own easily. There’s already lots of info around, on how to make one so just google it.


2 thoughts on “Line 6 Toneport/POD Studio UX2 + Footswitches + POD Farm 2

  1. I use my LINE 6 UX 2 with latching footswitches from my Boogie Studio Preamp – works fine. You can adjust the footswitch mode (latching / non-latching) inside the Line 6 Audio/Midi Devices settings. Because the UX2 is not made for live performance there is a little delay when switching between presets.

    • Hey thanks for the feedback. Yes it’s true you can use latching footswitches, but some people seem to have issues with some latching footswitches even when they change the settings in the control panel applet. For this reason I think it’s best to advise most people to use momentary switches if they need to go out and buy them, as it seems most people have sucess with momentary switches. If someone has latching switches already then it’s worth trying them to see if they work though.



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