Line 6 Release POD HD Series – HD300 HD400 HD500

It’s finally here… After what seems like a long wait, the lucky users hoping Line 6 will release their next generation of amp simulators need wait no more: POD HD has landed.

Line 6 have taken a long time about this, and rightly so.  A rushed product wouldn’t have given users what they wanted, and we wanted a lot. Line 6 went back to the drawing board for the POD HD, and have modelled some great amps to give us 16 unique sounding amps that tonally are the most sought after guitar sounds.  Sure we can all think of more than 16 amps that we’d want to own if we were rich, but a lot of amps are all based on a small selection of amps from the 60’s and 70’s, and just tweaked a bit here and there.

So what do these POD HD’s give us?  Well a hard on for starters, but more importantly here are some features for you… Although will have lots more info if you want to shoot over there for the extras.

16 HD amp models:

Clean Red :  Fender Blackface Twin Reverb
Clean Green:  Hiwatt Custom 100 (DR103)
Pawnshop Red: Supro S6616
Pawnshop Green: Gibson EH-185
Blues Red: Fender ’59 Bassman
Blues Green: Fender Blackface Deluxe
Boutique Red: Divided By 13 9/15
Boutique Green Dr. Z Route 66
Class A Red: Vox AC-15
Class A Green: Vox AC-30 TB
Crunch Red: Marshall JTM-45 MKII (KT66 Valves)
Crunch Green: Park 75
High Gain Red: JCM-800 (2204)
High Gain Green: Bogner Uberschall
Metal Red: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Metal Green: ENGL Fireball 100

Connection/Interface Differences:

Guitar in
CD/MP3 in
Master volume on rear panel
Amp drive, bass, middle, treble and channel volume controls
Stereo unbalanced outputs (line/amp switch)
Balanced stereo output (gnd/lift switch)
Live/studio/both switch for  outputs.
L6 Link for connection to other Line 6 products
USB for computer editing and audio
Power connector

As HD300 plus:
Pedal 2 input
Stereo FX loop
FX Loop Level (Line/Stomp)
seperate bank up/down foot switches
FX Loop enable/disable foot switch

As HD300 and HD400 plus:
Guitar input normal/pad
Aux In
Mic In + level knob
Variax input
S/PDIF out
Individual Presence and master volume control on top of unit
Full signal chain shown on LCD.
More FX editing encoders, for easier deep editing.
8 assignable footswitches.
Editable MIDI settings for each preset – means you can use the HD500 as a MIDI Controller for other devices
Extra looper functions (1/2 speed, reverse)
more than 3 FX at a time (FX DSP dependant)

Sound Model Differences:

HD300 – 80+ M Class FX
HD400 – 90+ M Class FX
HD500 – 100+ M Class FX

There’s already some stores listing them for sale in the UK, so here’s some links at the best prices I could find:

Gear4Music – HD300 – £259 inc delivery

Gear4Music – HD400 – £339 inc delivery

Gear4Music – HD500 – £409 inc delivery

There is so much more to say about these devices, but I thought I’d bring together all the information I could find on the internet to share with you in one place.  Don’t forget to check out for more info, and also click the picture below for a full size version: