Free Plugin of The Week (Week 35-42) – Jeroen Breebaart’s Free VST Bundle

Here’s the latest set of VST’s to try out.  There’s 8 here, which include:

This bundle includes full versions of the following VST plugins (see details below):

  • Barricade limiter;
  • Omniverb reverb;
  • Broadcast multiband processor;
  • Ferox tape simulator;
  • SEND spectrum enhancer;
  • Omnisone spatial processor;
  • PC-2 psychoacoustic compressor;
  • Timemachine vintage sampler emulator;
  • and includes demo* versions of:

  • Isone Pro binaural room simulator;
  • Smash Pro spectral processor plugin;
  • Barricade Pro 4-factor limiter;
  • Red Phatt Pro dynamics processor;
  • FSynth Pro audio resynthesizer, and
  • Auditor Pro professional metering plugin.
  • *Full versions can be acquired in the online shop.