Roost Session Master, SR100 & 2x12cabs

Here’s a letter from another proud Roost owner. Thanks Willem:

“Hello Rowbi

My name is Willem Roost I live in Holland and I am the proud owner of two
cool amps with my own name on them!
The first one is a Session Master witch I found in 2008 on the internet not
knowing that there was such a thing as Roost amps. It was in pretty good
condition and after servicing (new tubes and capacitors) it sounds great.

The second one is a SR100 top with two 2×12″ speaker-cabinets (I bought it
from a guy who plays in a band called “Woost”…) Two of the tubes have been
removed so it’s 50w at the moment. It hasn’t been serviced yet. The top is
in good condition but the speaker-cabinets have seen some action. The tolex
is pretty ripped up. The grill cloth has been replaced by the former owner.
I am thinking about getting it back to 100w but the natural overdrive of 50w
is also very cool. Some joker has put an ignition key in as standby switch
so now you can lock the amp.

I play in a local band called SuperNova and use both
amps on stage. I love the sound of these amps, it is just what I need.

I like your blog and would be proud if you put some of my pictures on it. I
think it’s great you keep the Roost history alive and wish you good luck.


Willem Roost
(I don’t think I’m related to Brian 🙂 )”