Rowbi Reviews: Silverstone Amp Covers: Line 6 DT50 Head Cover

UPDATE October 2011: It seems that the improving customer service once offered has got worse (again).  I have personally experienced long waits (several months) after I was assured a wait time of only a week, repeated excuses for why the product was delayed (usually blaming the situation on the postal service or courier, yet never being able to provide tracking numbers or any proof of postage), and rarely being able to get a response from the owner, Shaun Dunk, via email and never via phone.

Because of this decline in service to the point that I’ve seen multiple complaints on forums as well as my own experience, I must take the unprecidented action to ammend this review, to ensure no additional customers of Silverstone are ripped off.

If you’re in the market for an amp cover in the UK, then look no further than Silverstone Amp Covers. [EDIT: Many people I have spoken to recently, and myself have either been ripped off, or had to wait many months and had to chase many times to receive the item they paid for.  For this reason I would advise against using Silverstone and to use Hot Covers instead.  They are based in the UK and usually only wait 1 working day for a cover to be made and delivered to me.]

They make them in a range of styles and colours to your own specification, and as you can see my new Line 6 DT50 (sitting atop a pair of Zilla Music custom 2×12 Studio pro cabs) really looks the businsess, as I specified it to have yellow piping to compliment the gold piping on the amp.

Overall Shaun at Silverstone is a helpful chap [EDIT: not so much now], although on occasion the speed of delivery and turn around can take a while [EDIT: or even longer than a while.  Some customers have waited over 6 months and still no product and no response to their attempts to contact Shaun Dunk, the owner of Silverstone].  That said I ordered 5 custom covers (my largest order yet) and they arrived within the week… Also, there’s nowhere else in the UK (that I’ve found, and I have looked) that can make covers of such good quality and in such a variety of styles and colours…  [Edit: Since that order, I’ve had various problems with Silverstone, as I have in the past and so this seemingly improved service, has been tarnished once again]

I’d rate this cover with the following marks:

Build Quality: 4.5/5
Value For Money 5/5
Customer Service 0/5 [EDIT: reduced from 3/5 to 0/5 due to non delivery of products or extended waiting times, not returning calls or email either at all or in a timely manner]

Final Word: If you want covers, [EDIT: DON’T] get them here!


4 thoughts on “Rowbi Reviews: Silverstone Amp Covers: Line 6 DT50 Head Cover

  1. Hi sir, I’m glad for you your amp covers arrived and you’re happy with their service…

    It seems like their service was good a few years ago, but something changed somewhere in 2010, and now they cannot be trusted at all and have appalling (non-existend) customer service. The guy from Silverstone is rude or doesn’t communicate at all.

    At this moment, I’m having this terrible experience with them:
    at this point I’m waiting more than three months, and I didn’t get any good explanation why, hardly any reaction on lots of e-mails, only some lame excuses and lies (yes lies), and STILL NO AMP COVERS!! I ordered 2 in july, paid for them, and DID NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING.
    This guy (Shaun Dunk) these days appears to be a THIEF.
    No customer service whatsoever, and this guy simply steals your money unless you can threaten him with serious legal action…

    If you don’t believe me, check other reviews f.i. on or…responding.html…?t=69830&page=1

    There are more, just google silverstone amp covers…
    I’m sorry to just leave this reply here, but I’m trying to warn people that this could happen, and that the company’s good name these days isn’t justified anymore… I wish I read a warning like this before I ordered amp covers with them!

    • Hi,

      THanks for your message. I did have a few small issues with Silverstone, but the issues seem to sort themselves out a couple of years ago. However like you I have since had a bad experience recently, and I’ve stopped using for amp covers. I use now, as their service and products are excellent every single time. The only downside is that their covers are in black only, and not the covers that Silverstone can do… Although Hot Covers are looking into offering colours.

      I had actually forgotten about this blog I wrote, so I will now ammend it accordingly to warn people off, as I too believe it’s not wise to trust your money to SIlverstone, as if you have any problems, there’s just no way to get hold of them via email or phone to get the issues resolved… Also I too experienced a very long wait for a product (around 3 months)… Very poor service.



      • Hi Rowbi,
        Thanks for the kind reply (and for updating the blog)… It’s sad actually, stuff like how silverstone acts these days is what makes online shopping a bad experience, sometimes. Luckily the upside of the internet is that we can warn other people for it. So hopefully we can at least help some people to not make the same mistake we did…

      • HI,

        Well thanks for bringing all the other feedback to my attention… But just to be 100% clear: I wouldn’t have changed this blog if I hadn’t seen most of the issues myself in my own shopping experience… Afterall, it wouldn’t be an accurate review on my site if I was just reporting on other peoples opinion, which of course I wouldn’t be able to confirm are true… That said, once I’d heard others having the same issues as me, and that my more recent experience was so much worse than my initial review, I felt I had to change/update this review to make sure what I’m telling people is as accurate as possible.

        Thanks again


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