Transfer Spider Valve/Spider III presets to Spider Valve MKII/Spider IV

A few years ago, Line 6 released the amazing Spider Valve and Spider III, and they became a huge hit straight away.  They then took on board the few areas where users said they could improve a little, and released the doubley amazing Spider Valve MKII and Spider IV a couple of years later.

It seems now is a popular time for users to upgrade from Spider Valves and Spider III’s to Spider Valve MKII’s and Spider IV’s… But those users also want to take their presets with them… Well here’s how to do it: 

Preset Blink Out Method (Some info is taken from the Line 6 official Spider Valve Pilots Guide)

Want to know where your Spider Valve / Spider III’s controls are set in the programmed channels (presets)?
 Hold – and keep holding – the Tap button. Now, before you do anything else, turn the Amp Models knob (doesn’t matter to what setting). This activates Spider Valve / Spider III’s “Compare” mode.
Now turn any knob other than Amp Model, Presence and Master Volume, and the channel lights will tell you whether you need to turn that knob up (Channel A lights) or down (Channel D lights) to match the stored setting. The Channel B & C lights will be lit at the same time once the knob position matches the stored setting exactly.


Once you’re turned every knob (except master volume, presence and amp model) so that channel B and C lights are illuminated, you can write down your setting for the channel you’re in. (Don’t forget to write down your amp model setting too).Next you need to compare the amp models and FX available in the Original Spider Valve or Spider III, and the newer Spider Valve MKII, or Spider IV.

To do this, you should download the correct manual for your amp and take a look.  All the amp and FX models, and what real amps and FX they are based on are explained in the manual, so you can cross reference them.  This is necessary, as a similar name on 1 amp, isn’t necessarily the same as on another amp (e.g. the Blues Amber on the SV is not the same as on the SV MKII).

These manuals are all available here:
You will need the following manuals:
For the Spider Valve: The User Manual (aka The Pilots Guide).
For the Spider Valve MKII: The Advanced Guide (Although the Pilots Guide is worth reading if you’re new to SV MKII).
For the Spider III: The User Manual (aka The Pilots Guide).
For Spider IV: The Advanced Guide (Although the Pilots Guide is worth reading if you’re new to Spider IV).


The Spider Valve and Spider III share the same amp models, and although the tone may well be very slightly different between the 2 (one has valves in the poweramp, the other doesn’t) it will be in the same ballpark.  On the Spider Valve, an amber tone is the same as a red on the Spider III, and a blue tone the same as green.  The types of tones (clean, blues, insane, are all the same), e.g. Clean amber on the SV is the same as Clean red on the Spider III.

In the same say, the Spider Valve MKII and the Spider IV share the same amp models, with the same colour differences as before:  e.g. SVMKII Class A Amber = SpiderIV Class A Red.  Also another example is SVMKII Blues Blue = SpiderIV Blues Green.

 In this guide I refer to Spider III and Spider IV amps.  Only the Spider III and IV 75 and above have the models mentioned here.  The lower models (15 and 30) do not.