Testing! Testing! ONE. TWO.. THREE…

How many times have we all heard it over the PA at a sound check.. “Test, Test” or maybe “one, two”. It’s the war cry of any good sound engineer making sure the vocal mics are all working and sounding good.
Well assuming you want to give your sound guy an easy ride, it’s time to get yourself a Line 6 XDV70 Wireless Microphone!

“Where’s the proof” I hear you say, well here’s their recent press release:

—XD-V70 digital wireless microphone systems solve issues commonly faced at large events—

CALABASAS, Calif.—March 21, 2011—Line 6, Inc.(line6.com), the industry leader in digital modeling and digital wireless technologies, announced today that many of its new products, including award-winning XD-V70 digital wireless microphone systems, were featured at Brooklyn Vegan, Planet L.A. Records and PureVolume events last week during the 2011 South by Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas.

“XD-V70 digital wireless mics are the perfect choice for crystal-clear audio in this kind of high-interference environment,” remarked Line 6 wireless sales engineer Don Boomer from the conference. With so many venues so close together, conventional systems can have a much more difficult time finding open frequencies on which to operate. Line 6 exclusive technologies are not impacted and perform effortlessly working in such tight quarters.”

Behind the reliability of XD-V70 digital wireless system are exclusive DCL™ (Digital Channel Lock) and PDP™ (Proprietary Data Placement) technologies, and a 2.4 GHz broadcast. This combination of advancements defends the microphone’s wireless transmissions with four times the signal reliability provided by other wireless systems.

Peron Einkauf, front-of-house engineer for all Brooklyn Vegan events, at which the XD-V70 was the official microphone, commented that “at South by Southwest, where there are literally hundreds of bands playing in a one-block radius at the same time, we never once lost signal to any of the eight mics in use at the Brooklyn Vegan showcase. All aspects of the mics were put to the test during a week of nonstop shows,” he continued. “The signal reliability, the build quality and the sound – they all passed with flying colors.”

About 100 artists used XD-V70 digital wireless microphone systems throughout the duration of the conference, including at the Planet L.A. Records and PureVolume artist showcases.

James Duvall of Creative Engineering & Solutions was the front-of-house engineer for the PureVolume events. “I’m very impressed with the Line 6 XD-V70’s ability to instantly lock into its channel,” he said. “I’m not searching for open frequencies and I don’t encounter the usual RF problems. Also, clients appreciate the ability to select a favorite microphone capsule. That allows them to advance their shows much easier.”

XD-V70 features a removable mic capsule that can be swapped with those of other popular mics. This allows the user to customize the microphone’s polar pattern and frequency response.

Taking advantage of the Line 6 leadership position in digital modeling technology, XD-V70 offers high-quality models of the world’s most popular live-sound mics. At these types of live performances, where different singers may prefer different mics, XD-V70 can stay on stage throughout the entire event.

David “Suge” Jun, sound tech for alternative rock duo Panic! At The Disco, stated that “the easy set up of the XD-V70 and its emulation features make it a quick favorite with no worries of dropouts.”

Line 6 also showcased its latest guitar gear including POD®HD500 multi-effect pedals, which feature new HD amp modeling, and DT50™ amplifiers, which were designed in collaboration with celebrated tube amp designer Reinhold Bogner