Line 6 POD HD500 Firmware v1.22 Released

After a few issues cropped up recently, LIne 6 have pulled out all the stops and released a ver firmware version for the POD HD500 to resolve the isses.  POD HD300/400 update firmware will follow soon.

Here’s what Line 6 said:

“I am happy to announce the release of firmware version 1.22 for our POD HD500!

 Download it here:

 Please download and install Line 6 Monkey software version 1.35 or later*  and use it to update your POD HD500 to this latest version of Flash  Memory. Once you’ve connected your POD HD500 to your computer via USB  port (hubs are not supported) Monkey will recognize your unit and take  you through the update process. The Line 6 Monkey application may be  downloaded here.

POD HD500 v1.22 is a FREE firmware update that contains  several bug fixes and improvements. It is highly recommended that all  POD HD500 users perform this update.  While these bug fixes will be  welcome by all users, it is important to note these are not the exciting  new features coming to POD HD500 which have been cryptically alluded to  by Line6Miller on the Line 6 forums…make sure you stay tuned!

POD HD500 Flash Memory Version 1.22 RELEASE NOTES

What’s new in firmware version 1.22?
•Greatly reduced audio burst when switching between presets with onboard EXP pedals at minimum
•Greatly improved preset switching time
•Amp model Drive knob parameter not accessing its minimum value – FIXED**
•Incorrect knob positions displayed when saving preset from amp model edit page – FIXED
•Mixer Pan parameter displayed inaccurately – FIXED
•4 Band Shift EQ and Parametric EQ frequency mismatch between left and right channels – FIXED
•Output signal may become muted upon repeatedly adding and removing FX Loop Block – FIXED
•Cursor jumps to saved position upon exiting tuner – FIXED
•Errant DSP over causes noise on some presets which include BF ‘Lux or BF Double – FIXED
•Minimum MIDI CC value for EXP1/EXP2 not saved with preset – FIXED
•Selecting Amp Disabled on hardware bypasses amp model in editor – FIXED

* If retaining the POD HD500 presets, it is vital to download and  use the latest version of Monkey in order for presets to sound as they  did prior to the update.  Please note this only affects presets with the  Drive knob at lower gain settings.

** The amp model Drive parameter was discovered to be limited as it  was not reaching its minimum setting, causing many users to experience  distorted audio with relatively high output guitar pickups. It is  important to note that while the Drive is indeed being reduced, there  may not be a significant decrease to the apparent volume due to some  intelligent, automatic gain make-up.  This is intentional and by design,  making it possible to get a clean tone without losing overall volume.   While guitarists with relatively low output pickups may not notice a  significant difference within the lower part of the Drive knob,  guitarists using humbuckers or relatively high output pickups should be  able to back out of distortion much more easily.”