Line 6 M5

Sharing its name with some awesome machines (the BMW M5 and the M5 anti tank gun) Line 6 adds the M5 Stompbox Modeler box to the foray, which nicely fills the gap for users needing simple single FX tones and the ease of use that comes from a stomp box.

With some amazing specs, this little box of tricks may just be the only stomp box you ever need. It’s very similar to a multi FX unit, except that you can only run 1 effect at once (+ a noise gate too if you need it). Obviously if you want the same FX selection but the ability to run more than one, the M9 or M13 are for you (or maybe a pair of these M5’s). But if you like to travel light or you only need 1 FX at once, but would like the choice of different FX sometimes, then this is what you need!

  • Over 100 stereo FX (the same selection you find in Line 6’s other stompbox modellers, the M9 and flagship M13).
  • Stereo input and output.
  • MIDI In/OUT (on the side of the unit).
  • Built in tuner and noise gate.
  • 24 fully customisable preset locations.
  • Expression pedal input for the Line 6 EX1, or Mission.
  • Simple control layout with clear labelling on the unit.

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Here’s the official Line 6 press release:


—A single stompbox with over 100 guitar effects that will supercharge your pedal board

 CALABASAS, Calif.—April 5, 2011—Line 6, Inc. (, the industry leader in digital modeling technology for music-creation products, announced today the launch of M5 Stompbox Modeler, a portable and powerful multi-effect that gives guitarists access to a comprehensive collection of historic stompbox tones in the space of a single stompbox.

M5 is a compact, professional-grade, super-easy super-stomp that will provide access to over 100 coveted guitar effects in the footprint of a standard pedal, running effects one at a time, just like the classics pedals that inspired it.   

 “M5 Stompbox Modeler will become the secret weapon on your pedal board” remarked Mike Murphy, Category Manager for POD and Effects Products at Line 6.  “It channels the souls of over a hundred modern and vintage stompboxes into a single pedal, giving you the ability to completely transform your rig with this one stompbox.”

 The collection of effects packed inside M5 Stompbox Modeler includes plenty of velvety reverbs, tangy mods, sweeping filters, distinctive distortions, pitch effects, compressors and other essentials.  Many of these effects come from the bestselling DL4™ delay modeler and other Line 6 products including M9 and M13.  Guitarists now have the flexibility to add that one extra effect to their pedal board, many times over, without having to pack or switch out a variety of individual pedals.

M5 Stompbox Modeler is incredibly simple to use, just like a classic stompbox.  Each effect parameter can be accessed in real time through the dedicated knobs and easy-to-read display.  There’s no digging through menus, no saving and no hassles.  A universal tap tempo feature controls all of the time-based effects.

 M5 Stompbox Modeler has all the connections guitarists need to sync up with nearly all pedals and MIDI rigs.  It features 1/4-inch mono and stereo inputs and outputs, MIDI in and out and an expression pedal input for added control and functionality.  It also has a built-in tuner with an option to either mute or allow the dry signal to pass through when engaged.  With rugged construction designed to endure and gig-bag-size portability, M5 Stompbox Modeler can withstand the rigors of the road and the demands of the working musician.

M5 Stompbox Modeler is now shipping.
 M5 Stompbox Modeler – $279.99 MSRP 

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About Line 6, Inc.

Based in Calabasas, California, Line 6 is a leading manufacturer of guitars, amplifiers, effects, effect processors, recording interfaces and digital wireless systems.  The company is world renowned for its studio- and stage-standard gear featuring its patented amp and effect modeling and digital wireless technologies.  Line 6 invented digital guitar amp modeling technology in 1996 and is currently the #1 maker of guitar amplifiers.  Its award-winning products are used by musicians worldwide and have been featured on countless platinum and Grammy® award-winning titles.  Line 6 is distributed in over 60 countries with operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Japan.  For more information, visit