Line 6 POD HD ‘Bean’ Available in May

A new era in desktop amplifier and FX modeling has arrived. 12 years after Line 6 released their legendary POD, it’s had a facelift that leaves it looking and sounding the best it ever has… Enter the POD HD ‘Bean’.

The ‘Bean’ Sports a new matt black and gold finish to position itself well and truly in the new POD HD line of modelers, and to set it apart and ahead of its predecessors. It includes the latest HD amplifier models with “up to 10 times more amplifier DNA than our previous modeling” it not only sounds the business, but looks the business too.

“POD HD will add the truly exceptional tube-like tone and feel of new HD amp modeling to the classic POD benefits of convenience, simplicity and flexibility,” remarked Michael Murphy, Category Manager for POD and Effects Products at Line 6.

“Plus, POD HD will feature over 100 M-class guitar effects and ins and outs that are perfect for any project studio.”
It’s built inside the same case as the X3, so the POD HD ‘Bean’ will happily mount on the POD ‘plate’ used for the POD 2.0, and the X3, which will mean those who want to upgrade, and already have a plate, or a case for the X3 ‘bean’ can upgrade without too much extra expense. It’s worth noting that all of the POD HD series units use a new multi voltage DC power adapter, which is a great feature for those who tour internationally. Compared to the previous POD AC power adapters which were a fixed regional voltage, this is a welcome upgrade.

The ‘bean’ is definitely designed with the desktop user in mind but when used with an FBV Shortboard MkII, the FBV fulfills all of the functions of the footswitches on the HD500 except MIDI programmability. So it does give some good variety in the POD HD range for those who want a more familiar bean shaped POD for their home or professional studios, as well as wanting to use live. All in all, it’s a great all-rounder.