Spider Valve Combo to Head Conversion


100watts sounds like a lot, 40-50watts sounds like a lot less.  It’s the same argument that countless generations of young boys have with eachother, uttering the phrase “My dad’s better than your dad”.  Then we grow up a bit, and we’re still just as redicously competitive, but now we’re budding guitarists and want a better guoitar and a louder amp than our peers.

Of course there is a real and practicle reason for buying a 100 watt stack, and that’s for playing a stadium.  I wonder what percentage of guitarists actually do that?  I’m sure it’s well under 0.1%.  But how many guitarists own a 100 watt combo or stack… I’m sure it’s a lot more!

In reality the audible difference between 50 and 100 watts isn’t as different as most people think, and often a 50 watter can get to that sweet spot at lower volumes making it more useable.  This simple fact is likely why some people feel the need to convery lower wattage combos into equally lower wattage heads.  Check the photos above of som Line 6 Spider Valve’s that have been converted into heads.