Line 6 James Tyler Variax JTV59 CSB Expert Review

I received my new James Tyler Variax JTV-59 last Friday (17 June 2011) which I ordered and paid for in August 2010. My initial fevered G.A.S. fuelled excitement wore off months ago, but I have to say I am stoked with the new guitar. I felt compelled to put something down in writing about my first 48 hours of ownership and thought it might be of some help to anyone who is perhaps considering a JTV-59 or for those that might still be awaiting the arrival of their guitars.

I am an L6 Expert User over on the Line 6 forums (see here for more info:, but I have tried to tell it exactly the way it is for me without bias.

Anyway, for those of you that might be interested, download the whole review HERE.

Nick Mattocks