Roost SR25 + 4×12

It’s a rare sight… A 1970’s vintage Roost SR25 which is capable of outputting up to 150 Watts.

This amp houses a sextet of EL34 tubes for its power amp, and a quartet of 12AX7 tubes for the dual channel preamp.  The preamp is the same as the SR20 (50 watt) and SR22 (100 watt) version, and the poweramp is similar to the Sound City 120 Watt amps of the same era.

This amp has a pair of what looks to be original Partridge transformers, meaning it’s got the potential to be one spectacular sounding vintage amp.  The head serial number is: 12426 (southend on sea) and with a few other clues on the amp looks like it’s dated between 1974 and 1978.  The numbers on the speakers are 125600 and 33683.  For more general Roost info, and also dating information see here.

Fabrizio tells the story below of how he came to own this rare and special example of 1970’s British amplifier manufacturing:

“My head history begins a  few months ago when i found it on eBay UK.  The previous owner was a man who received it years ago from a friend who stopped playing guitar.  He intended to learn to play but he’s still waiting for the inspiration :-).  He sold it to me as faulty, but when i received it, I only had to change a fuse and rebias the tubes which was lucky.  The tolex was very damaged so i decided to reconstruct the whole head trying to recreate the original look, and the result is not so bad.”

“I then purchased the cab from a different seller also on eBay UK who used to sell vintage cabs (and who told me that this cab was owned by Chrys Alymer the bass player of the
band Samson a band closely related to Iron Maiden).  I was very lucky again because I only paid £50 for it!!  It was unwired and it had 2 holes on the bottom of the cab, but was loaded with 4 Fane speakers which are still running like new.  I rewired it and I reconstructed the bottom panel also fitting 4 new casters and now it rocks!”

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