POD HD Bean 101 – Part 1 – Custom Presets and Tones

Welcome to the first in a four part series of videos looking at creating your own custom presets on the new and interesting Line 6 POD HD Bean.

In this first video I look over the interface of the POD HD Bean, and how you would go about creating your own custom presets (aka custom tones).  There’s info about creating dual amp rigs, using little tricks to make your tone even better, and the all important basics of saving your tones with unique names.

In the next video (also released today) I demo the tone we create in this first video and more.

Download the custom tones here: Tone Download.

Check out the 2nd part of this video here: POD HD Bean 101 – Part 2 – Custom Tone Demo and Looping

If you haven’t yet seen my earlier video taking a look aroud the POD HD Bean, take a look at POD HD Bean – First Look

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