POD HD Bean 101 – Part 4 – Custom Lead Tones

Welcome to the last in a four part series of videos looking at creating your own custom presets on the new and interesting Line 6 POD HD Bean.

In the first video I looked over the interface of the POD HD Bean, and how you would go about creating your own custom presets (aka custom tones). There’s info about creating dual amp rigs, using little tricks to make your tone even better, and the all important basics of saving your tones with unique names. In the second video I demo the tone I showed you how to create (the rhythm tone in this video) and then I also demo a similar tone I’ve created as a lead tone. In the third video I played a demo using a Zakk Wylde inspired tone.

Now in this last video I continue to demo tones that I created, and focus on a Satriani inspired tone.  ALthough this tone is a little different to how Satriani sounds, I only used his tone as a baseline and created something a little different.  But if you have Satriani’s pickups in a Satriani guitar, and you have his abilities, then a few extra tweaks to this tone will mean you can sound very similar to him… So get practicing!… The custom preset I use in this video is called Satch (and the rhythm tone is called Rhythm). Download the custom tones here: Tone Download.

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