Line 6 DSP Guru Kris Daniel – POD HD 1.3 In Depth Feature Explanation

So… You’ve got a POD HD, and you’ve got firmware 1.3… But you’re not totally sure what the Deep Edit Parameters (aka DEPs) can do to improve your tone your tone, and you’re interested in the L6 Elektrik amp model and you’d like to know more about it.

Well Line 6 has seen the question mark above your head, and replaced it with a light bulb that’s about to turn on, in a moment of realisation of the power your POD HD contains within  it……  “Bing” (That was the light bulb turning on by the way)…

So get yourself over to check out the Line 6 Blog and be prepared to be in awe of Line 6 and of Kris Daniel, a Senior DSP Software Engineer and Uber Guru @ Line 6.