Line 6 Announce POD HD Pro Rack Processor

The mothership has landed, and what an impressive mothership it is!

The latest Line 6 multi-FX and amp modeler to be branded with the POD HD moniker is the all new POD HD Pro.  It’s similar to the rest of the POD HD family and still boasts 22 amazingly detailed amp models, 16 cab models, 8 mic models, and over 100 high quality M-Series FX.  The easy to use interface will be familiar to you if you’ve used a POD HD500 or HD bean, but simple to work out if you’re new to the POD HD line or amp modelers in general.  Obviously the Pro model has some extra features which will certainly appeal more to studio users as well as those of us who like to keep our gear in a rack at the back of the stage and control it with an FBV Shortboard front of stage.

So what else is new then… It’s rack mount for a start (obviously), it’s got a front mic input with level control, high pass filter, and phantom power and the front guitar input has a pad switch for guitarists who use high output or active pickups and want to reduce the input gain a little.  Around the back there’s even more good stuff, like multiple digital inputs and outputs, a dry output taken from the guitar input, an FBV socket, and stereo line inputs.  There’s a few things that the Pro shares with the HD500, like a stereo FX loop, MIDI IN/OUT, the all important L6Link, and both balanced and unbalanced outputs.  There is of course the USB socket which can be used to update the POD HD Pro firmware (if Line 6 release any future updates), to backup, load and share tones, and to use the PC editor software to edit and create custom tones.

Here is the official Line 6 press release:


—Flagship POD multi-effect provides revolutionary HD modeling and total flexibility for professional guitarists—

Calif.—September 12, 2011—Line 6, Inc.
(, the industry leader in digital modeling technology for musicians, announced today the release of POD HD Pro rack-mountable multi-effect processor.  Featuring revolutionary Line 6 HD modeling technology, POD HD Pro delivers the highest-quality tones to performing and recording guitarists.

“As the flagship product of our new POD HD line, POD HD Pro is the best of the best,” remarked Elliot Chenault, product manager for Line 6 POD HD products.  “It’s got all the features, connectivity, flexibility and tone that today’s professional guitarists and producers need.”

POD HD Pro is loaded with an arsenal of 22 HD guitar amp models and 22 HD guitar preamp-only models, which are perfect for driving a tube amp’s power section.  HD models are a quantum leap forward in modeling quality, giving digital signal processing all the feel, dynamics and playability that makes guitarists passionate about great tube amps.  Detailed amplifier behavior including single-ended class A tube stages, class AB push/pull interactions, power supply behavior and more are emulated with incredible nuance. The result is exceptional warmth, feel, sustain and articulation.

Over 100 M-class effects, which are descended from legendary Line 6 pedals DL4™ Delay Modeler (the storied “green box”) and the M13®, M9® and M5 Stompbox Modelers, as well as eight new mic models and 16 new cab models also come stock for a variety of modern, vintage and boutique-inspired tones perfect for any pro player.

An extensive digital and analog I/O makes POD HD Pro flexible, powerful and ready for any studio or stage application.  The AES/EBU out doubles as the L6 LINK™ jack which, when connected to a Line 6 DT-series tube amplifier, creates a boutique amp factory capable of producing a virtually unlimited variety of tones with boutique warmth and feel.  There’s also a Variax® Digital Input jack for connecting to a Line 6 James Tyler Variax® modeling guitar.  No matter the environment, POD HD Pro fits seamlessly.

POD multi-effect processors have long been a cornerstone of professional studio and stage guitar rigs around the world, and POD HD Pro rack multi-effect is set to raise that standard even higher.

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MSRP – $979