Marshall Will Release Joe Satriani JVM410JS

Well it’s not really new news, as the first report of Satch moving back to Marshall came from in June 2009… But info has been around since January 2011 that Marshall is in fact about to release a Joe Satriani Signature version of the JVM410H at NAMM in January 2012.  Marshall are officially denying this at the moment via official retail channels… Which is a bit silly really!

Some of the specs that seem to be form reliable sources (Santiago Alvarez, Marshalls very own amp guru, and Satch himself) are listed below:

  • Joe liked the flexibility of the stock JVM410H, but wanted some slightly different voicing.
  • Less feedback than stock was also important.
  • The built in reverb has been replaced by the noise gate directly from the 2203KK (Kerry King signature JCM800), and is per channel, and mutes before the FX loop.
  • Channel switching used to take 50-60ms, becuse the amp needed to mute itself which various switching inside the amp took place.  because of the built in noise gate, this switching has been improved and now takes only 5-10ms, which is not audible because it’s so fast.
  • The parallel FX loop is replaced with a serial loop, with a return level control similar to the AFD100.
  • The clean green channel is a direct clone of a Marshall LM6100 clean channel.
  • The crunch orange is an exact clone of a Marshall JCM800 (2203).
  • The crunch red channel is amost identical to an AFD100 in AFD mode.
  • The OD channels are less compressed sounding and have a little less gain overall.  Also they are more dynamic.
  • A choke has been added, the power supply circuit has been improved, the feedback tap modified.
  • The whole amp is a little less tight sounding, and is therefore more dynamic.
  • OD1 red has a little less gain than it used to have, and is roughly alightly more gain thant he current production OD1 orange channel.
  • OD1 green and orange have thus been adjusted to space out the different OD1 modes in relation to the OD1 red having been changed.

Joe seems to be using these heads with Marshall 1960B standard cabs with Celestion G12T-75 speakers.

ANother hint from an internet source: The new amp looks like it will be called the JVM410JS

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