Line 6 JTV and Paul Hindmarsh Embark On UK Tour!

What’s your favourite superlative?  Like a rock star throwback from the 1980’s crossed with a Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) wannabe: My favourite superlative has to be AWESOME!… I say it far more than any self respecting guitarist should, but much like my GAS (Gear acquisition Syndrome), it’s a hard habit to break.

On this occasion I am forced to make an exception, and only because AWESOME! just will not cover it.

The James Tyler Variax line of guitars and also Line 6’s product specialist – Paul Hindmarsh – are both worthy to be labelled with another interesting superlative: Exceptional.  Paul proved both when playing in the recent Andertons demo video showing off the new Line 6 DT25 tube amp, as well as the POD HD500 and a JTV69 (A JTV89 is also demo’s by Andertons resident demonstrator, Rob Chappers). 

Paul is about to embark on a UK Tour with the James Tyler Variax, to show you what an amazing collection of instrument sounds are possible with the JTV line of guitars. So check out the tour dates below, as well as some of the links for more information:

Dates and venues:
October 1st – Guitar Guitar, Glasgow
October 7th – Digital Village, Romford
October 8th – Guitar Guitar, Epsom
October 14th – Guitar Guitar, Edinburgh
October 15th – Guitar Guitar, Newcastle upon Tyne
October 20th – Rose Morris, London
November 3rd – The Guitar, Amp & Keyboard Centre, Brighton
November 4th – PMT, Bristol
November 5th – Guitar Guitar, Birmingham
November 12th – PMT, Birmingham
November 13th – PMT, Manchester

Line 6 Events (Facebook):

Paul Hindmarsh Music (For anyone interested, Paul’s also got an album out, called Dead Crooner, which can be purchased via his website:

Rob Chappers Youtube Channel:

Check out the Andertons Demo of the Line 6 Dream Rig: