Marshall 50th Anniversary First Look

Courtesy of Andertons Facebook Page, we have the first photo of the Marshall 50th Anniversary amp… Although it’s under a sheet.
In the background to the left you can see what looks to be the new Zakk Wydle 4×12 cab, and to the back right what I assume are the standard 1960B cabs with the new Joe Satriani Signature JVM head on top of them. This is all speculation though, but for us Marshall fans, it’s good to speculate.

Watch this space, as I will report any more information that I can gather about the new Marshall‘s rumoured to be released for 2012.

Update: After doing some digging, it seems Marshall wont be releasing any more details of the 50th Anniversary amps until 2012.  It also seems that the people who have seen them have signed NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) as they won’t discuss them at all!  Shame as we all want to get a pre-order in the book!