Positive Grid JamUp – Guitar Amp Sim and MultiFX for iPhone/iPad/iPod

It seems that the guitar amp sim and multi FX market has finally caught up with all the electronic music apps for iOS, and in the last 12 months I’ve lost count of the number of Amp sim and MultiFX appps and interfaces for iPhone/iPad/iPod. Well thank the Lord, finally we have a good choice, with apps from IK Multimedia (iRig), Apple (Garageband), Line 6 (Mobile POD), just to name a few…. But now we have another interface and App from Positive Grid: Called JamUp.

They all work in slightly different ways, but the end result is good to great from all of them. Some also make their own interface, and although there will of course be some cross-compatibility: You can be sure the best performance is likely to be had from using an interface and software combination both from the same vendor.


2 thoughts on “Positive Grid JamUp – Guitar Amp Sim and MultiFX for iPhone/iPad/iPod

  1. I wonder why did you not mention ampkit. what you’ve mentioned above are just toy ampsims. if you can beat ampkit app you have a place in iOS app. try hard who knows you might get it.

    • You’ve obviously never tried Mobile POD, otherwise you wouldn’t refer to it as a toy collectively with the others. IK’s offering is good too, as is Apple’s Garageband.

      I have no personal experience with Ampkit, and as a sensible blogger, I wouldn’t talk about something I have no experience of.

      Perhaps if you try harder, you’ll get it too.

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