Guitar Wireless – Getting The Best From Your Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are all well and good, and for some applications they are the best option:  For me though, I’m not willing to trust rechargeable batteries in my guitar wireless because they don’t output 1.5volts (they usually output 1.2volts) and when rechargeables start to run down, they can sudenly drop all power, which would be bad if I’m in the middle of a gig.  So regardless of the green issue, or spending money on batteries, I will be sticking to AA Alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries.

I currently use Line 6’s Relay G50 and G90 wireless systems, and they work so well that I’ve never had any signal issues, a pair of alkaline AA batteries last for 8 hours, and the Line 6 Wireless systems have a CableTone variable setting, so they sound just like using a real guitar cable.

Now comes the interesting part!  When I started thinking about buying batteries in quantity, I discovered how much retail stores rip us off when we’re buying batteries.  Let me give you an example:

Retail Store: 4 Pack of Duracell Plus £3.79 (Source:

eBay: 50 (5 x 10pack) Duracell Procell £11.75 (free delivery).

Per battery comparison (rounded to nearest 1p):
Retail = 95p each
eBay = 24p each

Per hour of playing time with Line 6 Relay G50/G90 (rounded to nearest 1p):
Retail = 24p per hour
eBay = 6p per hour

So as you can see it really does work out very economical to use quality Duracell batteries, which in turn give you a very long life with Line 6’s wireless systems.  For an average sound check and gig, it would cost you less than 20 pence.

Now if you’re wondering why I specifically chose the Duracell Plus vs the Duracell Procell.  Well that’s because they are the same battery just packaged differently for retail and industrial use.  See the data sheets below for more information:

Duracell Plus AA Data Sheet

Duracell Procell AA Data Sheet