Line 6 Release POD HD500, HD Bean, and HD Pro v1.4 Free Update

Do you have a POD HD500, HD Bean or HD Pro?  Well you’re in for a treat.  Line 6 have released a free update for you with some great additions.

If you want more DSP, then you can configure a POD HD500 and a POD HD Pro (or multiple POD HD Pro’s) daisy chained using an S/PDIF and a MIDI cable, and configure your 1st device to control effects on the 2nd device.  This means that you can potentially run half your single signal chain on each unit, while still having total control, and keeping your audio in the digital domain.  OR you could run dual tones (1 on each) and have more DSP intensive FX in your chain… Like if you want to have, say 8 complex reverbs… (kidding).  That dual tone approach is possible because the Pro has a dry output which you could feed back to the HD500’s or another Pro’s input… As we don’t like dirty signal degrading Y cables!

There’s also global input parameters, and variable Z (Impedance), which will mean the HD amp models and M Class FX that are modelled on real life amps and FX pedals, which use differing input impedances will sound even more accurate than before (and lets face it, they sounded amazing before).  Obviously this change is a tiny part of what makes up the sound, but every tiny adjustment helps if it makes things more like an analog stomp box or vintage amp by using an accurate input impedance.

There’s also a few more improvements that as well as the things mentioned above, Line 6 have been slogging hard to develop over the last 6 months since the last free v1.3 update.  Here’s the info straight from Line 6 specifically about the POD HD Pro (The release notes are slightly different for the HD500 and Bean so checkout for the release notes):

POD HD PRO Flash Memory v1.40 RELEASE NOTES:
POD HD PRO v1.40 is a FREE firmware update that includes additional features and bug fixes. It is highly recommended that all POD HD PRO users perform this update!
It is also recommended that you backup your current presets by using POD HD PRO Edit to create a preset bundle, allowing you to include installing new presets as part of the update process.
The easiest way to perform the update process is by installing the latest version of Line 6 Monkey. Once you’ve connected your POD HD PRO to your computer via USB port (hubs are not supported) Monkey will recognize the unit and take you through the update process. The Line 6 Monkey application may be downloaded here.
What’s New?

  • Variable Input Impedance – This feature affects tone and feel because the guitar’s pickups are being “loaded” as they would be by an effect pedal or a tube amplifier.  There are eight selectable options which can change the analog circuitry affecting the impedance of the Guitar Input.  The options include seven discrete resistor values: 22k, 32k, 70k, 90k, 230k, 1M, 3.5M.  There is also an Auto setting.  When set to Auto the input impedance can automatically change depending on which amp or effect model is first in the signal chain of the current preset.  Impedance settings are saved as part of each preset’s input selection.
  • Preset or Global Input Selection – When set to Preset, recalling a preset automatically selects which of the device’s audio inputs are used as the “source” – sort of like a built-in, programmable patchbay.  The saved input impedance value will also be recalled with each preset.  When set to Global, the input selection and impedance value saved with each preset will be ignored as presets are recalled; allowing presets with a variety of saved input settings to be heard from a single source without having to manually reprogram each preset’s input settings one at a time.
  • Hard Gate – An advanced gate capable of extremely quick response.  With controls for hold time, decay rate, and separate open/close thresholds, Hard Gate is ideal for any genre including Metal.  It can even be abused to create erratic “sputter” and “splat” effects.
  • Enhanced MIDI Control – Offers control of POD HD500 and POD HD Pro from external standard MIDI controllers.  A variety of functions including Footswitch 1-8, Tap Tempo, Tuner, Looper Controls, and Expression Pedals can all be accessed via MIDI.  For more details please refer to the latest version of the Advanced User Guide.
  • New Presets – This firmware includes lots of new presets.  Many of the pre-existing Set Lists have gotten new presets and reordered based on customer feedback.  The “BASS/ACO/VOC” Set List includes presets which provide a starting point for bass, acoustic guitar, and vocal processing.  The Set List titled “L6LINK <-> DT” provides a starting point for users connecting a POD HD Pro to a DT Series amplifier.  Note in this Set List presets 7A-D may not produce audio without a Variax connected and/or monitoring the FX Send output – these particular presets were created to illustrate just one of the approaches to getting amplified electric and direct (FOH) acoustic instruments from a single guitar and preset.

Bug Fixes

  • Global Tempo Sync – Setting Tempo Sync (Setup Page 6) to Global does not function properly – FIXED
  • Tuner Mute – When Tuner is set to mute sound is still audible from FX loop send and digital outputs – FIXED
  • Tap Tempo MIDI – Rapidly sending MIDI assigned to Tap FS may drop messages – FIXED
  • Delay Model Signal Boost – Many delay models provide undesirable volume boost when enabled – FIXED
  • FX Loop – In a mono configuration the FX loop does not sum left/right signal properly – FIXED
  • Frequency Shifter – Frequency Shifter model skips 1Hz setting – FIXED
  • Multi-Head Delay – Presets do not recall correct delay time when Time is set to note value – FIXED

Known Issues

  • POD HD PRO Edit – The current version of POD HD PRO Edit (v1.06) does not provide provisions to control Variable Input Impedance nor Global Input Selection parameters.  These features are currently only accessible within the POD HD PRO hardware GUI.
  • AC Frequency – When connected to a DT50 or DT25 amplifier, POD HD Pro may have its AC Frequency parameter (Setup Page 2) automatically changed.  Be sure to check this setting after turning on a connected DT series amplifier.
  • Set List Names – If during the update process new presets are optionally loaded to over-write the previous set, Set List names may not correlate to the new presets appropriately.  This is because renaming Set Lists is not a part of the firmware update process.  Set List names may be changed in the hardware using a variety of methods:
  • Manual – Set Lists may be renamed manually by simply highlighting a Set List name and pressing the Save button.  Use the four encoders beneath the main display and press Save to complete.

The presets in firmware v1.4.0 correlate to the following Set List names, as seen in the main display from left to right, top to bottom:

  • System Reset – Pressing (and holding down) the four-way navigation pad to the left while powering up will perform a Global Settings reset.  Please note: This action will reset all settings to their factory default.

FAQ  For more information about POD HD PRO, the POD HD FAQ can be found  here.
Advanced User’s GuideThe latest version of the Advanced User’s Guide for the POD HD PRO can be found here.