Rowbinet 2011 Look Back – 2012 Look Forward

With 2011 fast becoming a distant memory, and a haze of turkey and beer (well the last week of 2011 at least), it’s time to gather around the camp fire and sing a few verses of some vomit worthy acoustic cheesey pop song from the days when my gran was my age…  Or alternatively, crack open another beer (hair of the dog and all that) and let’s review the most viewed posts on my blog in 2011, and also look at the exciting products I think we will see very soon in 2012.

In 2010, had a total of 41500 views (that’s around 3450 per month on average). Then in 2011, had around 64200 views (around 5350 views per month).  That’s a 55% increase in hits and deserves a huge thanks to everyone who’s visited.

So let’s now take a moment to focus on the top 10 viewed blog posts:

Number 1: Line 6 JTV Expert Review (By Line 6 User Expert Nick Mattocks) – 1168 views in 2011.

Number 2: Line 6 POD HD300 Review – 1164 views in 2011.

Number 3: Line 6 POD HD500 v1.22 Upgrade – 926 views in 2011.

Number 4: Line 6 POD HD Pro Review, & Which Line 6 POD HD Is Best For You? – 890 views in 2011.

Number 5: Guitar Wiring 101 – Treble Bleed Mods – 855 views in 2011.

Number 6: Marshall Joe Satriani Signature – JVM410JS – 753 views in 2011.

Number 7: Line 6 JTV69 Review – 736 views in 2011.

Number 8: Line 6 POD HD300, HD400, HD500, HD Bean Power Switch Mod – 683 views in 2011.

Number 9: Line 6 POD HD Review – 634 views in 2011.

Number 10: Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler Review – 597 views in 2011.

Coming Up in 2012:

It looks like Marshall Amplification are due to release at least 2 new amp models at Winter NAMM 2012, the Golden Jubilee (50th Anniversary) amp and the new Joe Satriani Signature JVM410JS.  The new Zakk Wylde signature 2203BLS has been seen on Zakks recent BLS tour (I saw 20 heads myself on stage) but it’s unknown when this amp will actually get released… Please respond to this blog post if you’ve got either of these amps, or if you’ve got one on order and want to let the world know about it 🙂

Line 6 seem to be suggesting they’re going to announce something big on 19th January (which coincides with the 1st day of Winter NAMM 2012).  With the last 18 months seeing a release of the DT50 and DT25 amplifiers, no less than 5 different POD HD modelers, the M5 Stompbox Modeler, Mobile POD and Mobile In, I’m stumped as to what they could be releasing… But whatever it is I’m sure as it always is with Line 6, it’s gonna be something good!  Check out the “See. Change. 19.1.12” banner on Line 6’s website here and also check out the statement on MUsic Radar’s site about Line 6 releasing something significant here.

As for Rowbinet: I will be continuing my Guitar wiring 101 series of blogs, and in the next 2-3 months I will be focusing on getting you a series of blogs and videos on using various gear…. So make sure you subscribe to this blog, follow me on Twitter, or like my page on Facebook so that you are updated as soon as I post a new blog!

Happy New Year,