Marshall Golden Jubilee – The Holy Grail

Before you get too excited, the image above is a fake from and so is very unlikely to look anything like the real Golden Jubilee when it finally arrives.

BUT there is some info filtering through… in Total Guitar edition 214 Zakk Wylde mentions the following: “Nick Bowcott from Marshall’s coming out to my studio in April [2011] and I’m taking my best amp, The Golden Child, and some other heads with me. They’re gonna model the new one after the best-sounding head I own. We wanna have that out for the next NAMM show, because that will be the 50th anniversary for Marshall.”  Now take note that I’m not suggesting the Golden Jub amp will be a Zakk Wylde signature, it’s just that Zakk has a lot of vintage Marshalls for Marshall to pick from to find a great example to copy.  Also note that although Zakk has a new signature 2203BLS amp might be out in 2012, the Golden Jub amp is a totally seperate amp and is NOT a Zakk Wylde signature.  I do know that I saw Zakk play with Black Label Society in Feb 2011 and he had some 2203BLS (his new signature amp) on stage, although from other reports he would have been using his previous signature for the actual sound… With all that in mind, are Marshall listening to the Golden Child and his other amps to model the sound of his new 2203BLS or the Golden Jubilee…

Now take a look at the following article where Zakk is quoted for Tweeting about Van Halen’s original Plexi, and calls it the ‘Holy Grail’…. I wonder if this then means that the Marshall Golden Jubilee (50th Anniversary) will basically be a clone of Eddie’s original Plexi.

Obviously I’m thinking his golden child and Holy Grail references are talking about the same amp… I mean how many amps can one person have that all are the best amp Marshall made…???

Holy grail reference: