Marshall Golden Jubilee Amps – 1 Watt Limited Editions

Well Well! Here’s a little taster of what’s going to be released by Marshall to start their Golden Jubilee celebrations at NAMM.  The pictures above show the JTM-1H, JTM-1C, JMP-1H, JMP-1C, JCM-1H, JCM-1C, DSL-1H, DSL-1C, JVM-1H and finally the JVM-1C.  Obvioulsy they are respectively H and C for head and combo, and then based on a JTM, JMP, JCM800, DSL and JVM.  All are 1 watt, but details have yet to be released on the exact poweramp specs.  Most people are assuming they will be tube based, with something like 12AX7, or something similar (like some other popular 1 watt tube amps).  The combo’s feature 10″ speakers, which means they will be good for some home jamming or recording… But unless you mic them, will likely be too quiet for any gigs.

It is said they will be released one every 10-12 weeks throughout 2012, and these versions will not be released again… Although the sensible consumer would take a guess that some slightly modified versions will be put into production in a year or two for less money…  But there’s no guaranteeing that… So if you want one, you should place an order as soon as they’re officially released at NAMM (which is when you will be able to order one).