Marshall 50th Anniversary DSL1 Specs

The Marshall DSL1 50th Anniversary is a Limited Edition 1w valve amp based on Marshall’s JCM2000 Dual Super Lead amplifier. The 1990s bought with them new technology and new technology meant amps could be more flexibile than ever. You didn’t have to settle for a single tone anymore, you could have variety! The DSL1 is a dual channel tube amp that (like its forefather) can be controlled from an included footswitch.

The DSL1 offers up an impressive amount of gain and the tone can be shaped by the separate volume and gain for each channel and an overall 3 band EQ. And that’s not all! Further sculpt your tone with ‘Shift’ and ‘Deep’ switches that allow the mid/bass voice to be altered.

This combo version has an 8″ Celestion Speaker

By the time the 1990’s rolled round, more modern technology meant amplifiers had more gain, and more features. In 1996, Marshall launched the JCM2000 Dual Super Lead which is the inspiration for the DSL1, the fourth model in the 50th Anniversary One Watt Range. Staying true to the original tone of the DSL and incorporating two channels, this amp will take you from a resonant clean to a classic high gain lead sound at the press of a switch. Tone Shift and Deep switches also reduce the mid character and add low end resonance respectively.