Marshall 50th Anniversary JCM1 Specs

The Marshall JCM1 50th Anniversary is a Limited Edition 1w valve amp based on Marshall’s sought after JCM800, considered by many guitarists to be the best amp ever made! The JCM800 was made to rock. Hard. And so is the JCM1! With 2 x ECC83 preamp valves and 1 x ECC82 power valve you can already tell the famous Marshall tone is going to be there, then factor in the Master Volume (They finally got there!), gain boast and the JCM1’s 0.1w all of which allow more and more gain at lower and lower volumes, you end up with a amp that gets the filthy saturated tones of the 80s at a volume that won’t cause the plaster in your walls to crumble.

The JCM features controls for Pre-amp volume (gain), Master volume, Bass, Middle and Treble, allowing you to dial in the exact tone you’re after.

This combo version features a 10″ Celestion speaker

In 1981, Marshall released another amplifier that would once again go down in the history books as a classic. The JCM800 is still looked upon as one of the best amps in the world even today, and it’s this amp that inspired the next model in the 50th Anniversary One Watt Range; the JCM1. Delivering everything you’d expect and more, this is quintessential 1980’s tone. A boost switch also introduces a slightly different voicing that is based on another iconic amp from that decade; the Silver Jubilee.

Although each of the five amplifiers within the 50th Anniversary One Watt range are unique, the series also have some common features; they are all made with pride at our UK factory, and will only be so during 2012 making these amplifiers limited edition. Each model will be available as both a one watt combo incorporating an 8″ or 10″ Celestion speaker (varying from model to model), and a one watt head. Other common features include 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs on the heads and combos, era correct cosmetic details, a commemorative rear panel plaque, and a unique low power switch on each of the units’ rear panels, allowing you to instantly take the power from 1 watt to 0.1 watt for the ultimate Marshall bedroom volume

  • 2 x ECC83 preamp valves, 1 x ECC82 power valve
  • Preamp, Master, Bass, Middle and Treble Controls
  • Boost Switch
  • High Sensitivity Input
  • Era Correct Cosmetics
  • 8 & 16 Ohm Speaker Outputs
  • 10″ Celestion Speaker (combo)
  • Power Switch (1w > 0.1w)
  • Commemorative Rear Panel Plaque
  • Available June 2012