Line 6 JTV v1.8 update – Free Update – SEE. CHANGE.

Line 6 are soon going to give us a free update to our James Tyler Variax’s and , but what goodies should we expect from the update, and what will it mean for us players when using JTV flash v1.8 with a POD HD500 or POD HD Pro running flash v2.0?

Well 5 JTV acoustic models will get some additional love in the realism department, such as the subtle string vibration through the soundboard and the tonewoods.

The JTV tone and volume knobs can now be used to control FX within your POD HD 500 or POD HD Pro.  For example you could choose to use your guitars volume knob instead of using your expression pedal to control a specific effect.  Or you could adjust your delay time and amp drive.  Basically anything you could previously assign to an expression pedal, you can now also assign to one of the knobs on your JTV.  HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!

You will also be able to decide to have the onboard JTV controls only affect the magnetic pickups, and not the variax guitar model.  For example if you’re blending the magnetic pickups with an acoustic guitar model, you may want to switch magnetic pickups, and not affect the variax model…

Next up are the new input names for the JTV.  On your POD these will be called ‘Variax’ and ‘Variax Mags’.  This will allow the us to configure any combination of magnetic pickup or Variax model within a POD HD preset.  The new ‘Variax’ input selection also recalls whether you were using mags or models per preset, allowing you to pick up exactly where you left off – no need for manual selection or input changes.

Phew, what a long list of FREE updates! Awesome isn’t it 🙂 and there’s more too…

Also included are custom tuning creations.  Now you can create custom Variax tunings for any or all of your POD HD presets. Save and recall them per preset — and get up to 512 unique custom guitar tunings with instant footswitch control.

Lastly you can now choose whether you want to assign Variax guitar models and Local Control settings globally, or on a per-preset basis. Alternately, you can get complete manual control by choosing not to control Variax settings with POD presets.  Basically put, you have 3 ways to work…
1. Each preset in your POD will setup your JTV to whatever settings you choose to store in that preset. This will give you greater control but may take time to setup for large numbers of presets with these bespoke setting.
2. Your POD will setup your JTV, but you’ll keep the settings the same for all presets. This means regardless of how you have your settings on your JTV, when using your POD it will always be configured correctly.
3. You will configure your JTV settings manually on the JTV itself, and adjust models and tunings as required. This is the most flexible while playing, but nothing is automated.
“Which one..?? YOU DECIDE”