Marshall Satriani Signature – Not At NAMM

After all the speculation and even confirmation from Joe Satriani himself that his signature Marshall would be released at Winter NAMM 2012, it seems we are to be disappointed.

Chris George, Marshall’s official demonstrator said the following on Twitter in the last 6 hours:
“I’m getting shit loads of questions so… the Satriani JVM signature isn’t being launched at NAMM, you’ll have to wait a few more months…”

Great work guys, looks like Marshall’s 50th year of loud is being started with some 1 watt amps… Great as they look and sound, I am still left wanting a 100 watter. Sure there will be some later in the year, but why not start the year with a bang too and release the Satch Sig too?

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2 thoughts on “Marshall Satriani Signature – Not At NAMM

  1. thanx Marshall…a big let down that is…Thanx for the info man! You’re one of the first to put this out. I ate my days during the namm show waiting for a JS sig but it looks like marshall was too busy to anounce it on their own and not in the form of “shit loads of questions”…

    • I can’t say I wasn’t a little annoyed that the Satch head wasn’t released at NAMM… BUT Marshall never officially said it would be. Satch did a couple of times mention it, but I would guess he probably wasn’t up to speed on the actual production of the amp… Many things can (and often do) slow things down when you’re manufacturing a product for the first time.

      Check out Chris George on Twitter:!/chrisgeorgeband He’s the official Marshall demonstrator, and he aparently played the final version of the Satch head yesterday… Note he didn’t say prototype (which he does mention when talking about other amps he’s testing), so I think he may be talking about an actual production model…

      I’m guessing we will see the Satch Marshal head released at Musikmesse at the end of March… So not too long to wait now 🙂

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