Marshall – Satriani Signature – More Snake Oil

Well Winter NAMM 2012 is over, and we still have very little information about the Marshall Satriani Signature amp.

Chris George from Marshall hinted that it would be released in a few months on Twitter and also in the 2nd video below he mentions that more gear will be released at Musicmesse in March.  Satch himself (When interviewed by The Tone King) only commented on the existence of a prototype and a few of the changes from the stock JVM410H, with no specific info about the release date. Check the videos further down this blog post.

Perhaps we will see the Satch amp released at Musikmesse at the end of March then, and I also assume some more gear will be released at Summer NAMM in July


2 thoughts on “Marshall – Satriani Signature – More Snake Oil

  1. Does anyone have any speculations about how much this thing will cost? I’m assuming it will be more expensive than the current JVM410 amp…

    • Well we know some of the mods that were made, but how the amp will look, and whether it’ll be called the JVM410JS or not are still unknown.

      I think based on previous Satch amps, it will be a production model rather than limited edition, but that’s just my opinion. It could be a limited run…

      Price-wise, that’s a hard call. signature amps are usually a bit more expensive, BUT compare Slash’s AFD100 to the JCM800 reissue… similar price. the YJM100 was a lot at £1515, but it’s a more limited run than the Slash head, and it’s a Plexi with a lot of extras. the reissue 1959SLP is £1330 and is a stock plexi… I think the extras teh YJM100 has, are worth the £200, and that’s aside from it being limited edition.

      So with the JVM410H being around £1100, if the Satch head is a production model I would gues it’ll be £1250ish to start, and then maybe after 6 months it’ll come down by £100
      Basically as it’s mostly got tonal tweaks, but not that many additional features… i.e. the reverb’s gone, and replaced by the noise gate that’s copied from the Kerry King signature… So parts wise it’s not going to cost much different to produce than a stock JVM410H I don’t think.
      If it’s a limited edition, then depending on how limited run it is will add more cost… But seen as so many people try to copy Satch’s tone, and so many JVM users seem to want some of the tweaks he’s made (like a choke and noise gate) I think it would be a wise choice to make this amp non limited production, even if it’s only produced for a year, without the limit I’m sure they’ll sell a lot of them.

      I have been trying to find out the cost though… I will post here once I know.

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