Meambobbo’s POD HD500 Tone Guide

Meambobbo is a regular on the Line 6 User Community, and is particularly knowledgeable and helpful in the POD HD section of the Line 6 User Community.

Recently he has prepared a very interesting and in-depth guide covering the wide-ranging and all-encompassing topic of guitar tone.  But if you’re pushed for time the contents page at the beginning will help you narrow down to the section you are after to get some good general advice on what parts of you and your rig make up your guitar tone or what part of your POD HD setup needs some more work to improve your tone.

Click here for the webpage guide.

Click here for Meambobbo’s tone demo site.


6 thoughts on “Meambobbo’s POD HD500 Tone Guide

  1. thanks for the plug, rowbi! i hope the guide helps ppl out. the line 6 forum is wonderful – be sure to bring your inquiries there – very friendly and knowledgeable ppl dedicated to helping others. also, let me know if you see any issues with my guide.

    • Meambobbo—I have a Tech 21 power engine 60(1×12). What is the best way to hook up my HD 500 to it in your opinion>?


      • Hi Jay,

        Meambobbo doesn’t post on this blog, I posted a link to his document/guide with his permission.

        If there’s nothing in the guide about how to contact him, please post something on the Line 6 forum, and he may see it, or of course anyone else on the Line 6 forum can help you with hooking up your HD500.



      • Yeah, I’m not a regular here, nor do I own a Tech 21 Power Engine. I’ve heard people get the most success running it in Studio/Direct output mode hooked up via XLR. Keep in mind there are two models – the older one used a 2112A speaker or something like that which I believe had a larger frequency response than the Celestion 70/80 they use now. I’d also try it in combo power amp mode with a full amp model and a cab selected. using “no cab” might be a bit harsh, but it’s also viable if you EQ your patches to compensate.

  2. how do I use the expression pedal to control the volume of the amp (0 to the value saved in the patch) and the feedback delay (0 to 100) in the same patch? because when I want to decrease the feedback also lowers the volume, which is the solution for this to work properly?

    • it’s possible on POD itself, but a bit easier to setup on POD HD500 edit on your PC or MAC. You can select 2 different parameters both controlled using the foot pedal. You should also be able to select the max and min value value for the parameters.

      The part I’ve not tried for a long time is the recalling of a certain setting and ignoring the current position of the expression pedal when you load the preset. You’ll have to try that out.

      If in doubt, post on the line 6 forum for more advice.

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