Line 6 Relay G90 – Rackmount Guitar Wireless

If you haven’t already read my Relay G50 review, take a quick detour as some of what I’ll say about the G90 is related.  Rowbi’s G50 Review

Essentially the G90 has all the same great features of the G50, but with a few extras thrown in for good measure.

The beltpack transmitter is the same for both, but it’s the receiver where the differences show, so we’ll concentrate on that:

  • The G50 requires a different voltage power supply for different world voltages.  The G90 receiver can accept all world mains voltages, so just a plug shape adapter or kettle lead with the right plug is required.
  • The G90 receiver has an LCD screen that shows you more information about the radio signal strength.
  • the G90 receiver can be daisy chained so only one pair of antennas are needed for multiple G90 receivers.  This makes it better for club installs where multiple guitar/bass wireless systems are required.
  • There is a balanced XLR output.
  • The G90 receiver can receiver up to 300 feet away, and G50 is only 200 feet (both line of sight).

Essentially most of the core specs are the same (cable tone, wireless frequencies, transmitter, tuner output), but there’s a clear devide between the G30 (entry level model with only 6 channels, plastic casings and an antenna-less stompbox receiver), the G50 (semi-pro model with 12 channels, and metal cases with a stomp box style receiver with antennas), and then the G90 (Profesisonal musician and fixed club installations, with 12 channels, rackmount receiver, and daisy chain capable antennas).

Which box is right for you… Check your wallet and your requirements… For more non professional guitaristsd/bassists, the G30 or G50 would probably be more than enough, but check out all the features before deciding.  For semi-pro and pro musicians, the G50 or G90 are definately where you should be looking.