Joe Satriani Marshall – Official Photo Leak!


Here is the first official photo of the Satch Sig Marshall!

What we can see from from the pic, and what can we learn from the chaps at Marshall who tweeted about it?

Well the tolex is a very nice shade of blue (Flying In A Blue Dream, cool), gold piping seems likely because of the cover having gold piping. The handle seems to be a cross between modern and vintage Marshall handles, with the actual handle part modern plastic style but the metal end piece, gold.

Did anyone else also notice the real amp name? JVM410HJS, or JVM Joe Satriani Edition!… That’s for the standard black one though, and the blue limited edition will be called JVM410HJSB (those names are confirmed by Chris George of Marshall… Thanks Chris).

We also learnt that Chris George is cool for posting this, but him and the Marshall Custom Shop guy like a good joke! Nice1 guys… Keep the pics coming.
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