Hot Covers Amp Cover Review


Protect & Serve

Protecting guitar amps is something that is important to a lot of guitarists, and for various different reasons.  You may have a vintage or limited edition model, which will hold its value far better is it’s kept in good condition.  You might have kids and pets who of course don’t care for your gear quite as much as you do.  Or of course you might just want to keep dust off you new amp purchase, and stop it looking too battered after only a few band rehearsals.

Some manufacturers do make very thin/flimsy ‘dust cover’ style amp covers for their own amplifiers.  These do just that: They stop dust but they’re not padded and so don’t protect against knocks and bumps when transporting your gear.  If you’re a serious touring player, you’ll likely want some sort of flight case for your amp, but short of that and if you’re like me (playing in a local band, and playing a couple of gigs per month) you’ll want something in the middle, like a padded custom amp cover.

In steps Hot Covers!

What’s The Deal?

Hot Covers specialises in making padded amp and speaker covers for standard production amps, and also for any custom amps and speaker cabs you may have.  Hot Covers’ staff are very helpful, and their service is outstanding, having often placed an order in the morning and the cover being made and shipped the very same afternoon for me to receive the next day.  At most, it’s never taken more than a couple of days to receive the cover after placing an order, so the service with Hot Covers is far and above the service I’ve received from other UK based custom amp cover manufacturers.

Meet The Covers

I have in the past had various covers made for me by Hot Covers, and so I have lots of experience of their products and their customer service.

Here are a few of the covers that I have had made by Hot Covers in the few years that I’ve been using them:

  • Blackstar HT-1R combo – Black cover.
  • Marshall JCM900 head & Marshall 1936 2×12 cab – Cream covers (See photo below with cream covers).
  • Line 6 DT25 head and1x12 cab – Black covers (see picture at the top of this article).
  • Marshall JCM800 head & Marshall 1960AV 4×12 – Black covers (see picture below with black covers).
  • Zilla Music Custom 2×12 Super Fatboy – Black cover.
  • KRK Rokit RP8 G2 Studio Monitors – Black covers.
  • Blackheart Engineering BH-1H head – Black fully enclosed case with carry handle.

(Click the pictures for larger versions).

The quality of the covers I’ve had made is always excellent.  The cover material is always uniform with no imperfections, the stitching is always very tidy, and the cover padding always protects my amps from knocks and scrapes when transporting them to rehearsals and gigs. The only advice I would give is to think about how far down you’d like the cover to go over your amp, when measiring it and ordering it.  I.e. If you want the cover to be flush to the floor, measure the height of your amp including its feet.  If you want to stack a head onto a cab though, remember that the feet on the head will sink into the padded cover on your cab a little, so for this reason I usually have covers made to only go down to the bottom of the cabinet, and not to the bottom of the feet.  As you can see in the pictures above, this means the covers of a head and cab fit together very well.

The quality of communication from Hot Covers is also excellent, with quotes and dispatch notifications sent promptly.


It’s not hard to sum up here so I’ll be brief.  If you need a quality made and great looking amp cover and you’re based in the UK, get over to and get in touch with them via the information on their website.

Pros: Their covers are faultless!  get one.

Cons: Colours available are only black, cream or brown.

Rowbi’s Verdict: Top notch amp covers with first class customer service.  10/10!