Marshall JVM410HJS & JVM410HJSB Released

The day came on August 1st, when Marshall released the much much anticipated Satriani modified JVM410H, named the JVM410HJS (black production model), and limited edition JVM410HJSB and 1960AJSB/1960BJSB 4x12s in 30th anniversary 6100 blue as a half stack pack (limited to 650 units worldwide).

There is ‘stacks’ (geddit?) of info already available on my blog, including information on the mods made to the amp, and photos of both black production and blue ltd ed. models. Check it all out:

There’s more information available on Marshall’s website:

If you really want to know the finer details, the owners manual gives you lots of information direct from Satch, about why he had the JVM410H modified and how all the new features are meant to be used: